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Contexts and Dependency Injection(CDI) - Producer

@Produces is a CDI mechanism which allows defining a source for injection. One can use Producer Method or Producer field to generate objects.

Here is brief explanation from JEE 6 tutorial:

A producer method generates an object that can then be injected. Typically, you use producer methods in the following situations:
  • When you want to inject an object that is not itself a bean
  • When the concrete type of the object to be injected may vary at runtime
  • When the object requires some custom initialization that the bean constructor does not perform
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A producer field is a simpler alternative to a producer method; it is a field of a bean that generates an object. It can be used instead of a simple getter method. Producer fields are particularly useful for declaring Java EE resources such as data sources, JMS resources, and web service references.

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This is how an Object in Injected

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This example shows both ways of declaring a producer and Injection.

Click here to download source code

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